How to Create a Facebook Page - 2017 Part 1 - YouTube


Part 1: How to Create a Facebook Page - 2017 (THIS VIDEO)
Part 2: How to Create a Facebook Page 2017 – Settings and Page Info – Launched 5/19/2017 / Fixed version 6/29/2017
Part 3: How to Create a Facebook Page 2017 Part 3 – Install Apps, Posting and Intro to Ads –Launched 6/9/2017
Part 4: How to Create a Facebook Page 2-17 Part 4 – Advertising and Pixel Installation on Website – ETA TBD - NOTE: Facebook is rolling out new stuff, and I've been waiting for them to finish up part 4. In the meantime, here is a great free resource for everyone wanting to learn more about ads on Facebook.

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I'm Theresa Santa from iBrand Your Business. I'm so glad to be bringing you this Tutorial. The date I started this tutorial is Feb. 1, 2017. Yes, it is May 5, 2017 when it was published. I wanted to make sure that I cover everything in each parts of these video series.

This tutorial will be broken into several videos because I will be showing you a lot more than just creating a Facebook page. I’ll actually be quite detailed for those of you who are new to Facebook.

These videos are designed to also get you started on managing your page and growing your audience, so you feel more comfortable in what you are doing with your page once it’s created. If you are watching this on YouTube, I’ll put the videos in the description with the titles and will add part 1, part 2, Part 3 etc. and I'll be updating the dates of when they are released on YouTube.

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