Whats My IP address - YouTube


Hi! Welcome to the Braintek video tutorials. My name’s Greg, owner of Braintek. Today, I’m going to show you how to look up your IP address – both your internal and external. Let’s get started. First, let’s start with the internal. So, down here, in the search, you can type in “cmd” and we’re going to come up with the Command Prompt. Let’s open that up. From the Command Prompt, we’re going to type in “ipconfig” and what it does is it shows you the different adapters so you might have a wired connection or a wireless connection or both. You can have others as well. So here, it tells us that our Ethernet adapter – which is our wired connection – has an IP address of this: That’s our internal IP address. Now, a little bit more information, I can type in “ipconfig /all” and it’ll show me more information. It’ll show me information like what is my DHCP server, what’s my gateway, what are my DNS servers that are attached to this device. What’s my MAC address, my IP6 address, all kinds of different things. So here’s more information. Here is the difference between them: at the top, it’s very brief and then down here there’s a lot more information that is related to my wired connections. Now, on this computer, I don’t happen to have wireless, but if I did, you would see another adapter that was wireless and it would show similar settings but on your connected wireless network. Let’s go ahead and close that. We’re going to open a browser and from here, you want to look up your IP address. There’s a couple different things you could do. You could go to www.braintek.com/ip and it will show you your internet-connected IP address. This will change based on the location you are at. So, if you are at McDonald’s or at Starbucks wireless, you will have their external IP address. If you are at the office, it’ll be that. If you are at your house, it will be different and sometimes if you are at a house, that IP address will change as well, based on the internet provider that you have. Another way, if you don’t remember that, is from Google, you can just type in “whats my ip” and Google will tell you “Hey, your public IP address is this. I’d like to thank you for watching the Braintek video tutorials. Become a subscriber and have a great day.