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"However, the literature has always shown that central fatigue is largely increased by exercise of low-intensity and long duration (like cardio) and not by high-intensity, short duration exercise (like strength training)." -
Study Referenced -
"No change was seen in testosterone and cortisol. Even though a greater absolute load and larger volume-load was completed for the deadlift, no difference in central fatigue was evident between the two compound exercises." - 2nd Study -
"The results confirm that the specific isometric training exercise approach tested here can induce immediate changes in core stiffness, in this case following a single session. This may influence performance and injury resilience for a brief period." - Core Stiffness Study -

Video Schedule
0:35 - Unusual Cues You Use?
1:35 - Wide Sumo vs Narrow Sumo, If Narrow Feels Stronger But Wide Seems More Efficient?
3:26 - Best Back Strength Exercise If 1 RM Isn't A Concern?
6:05 - When To See A Doctor For Imaging On Back?
7:17 - J Cole Or Kendrick?
9:30 - What Hype Up Music Do You Listen To (Does It Include $uicideboy$)?
9:47 - Is CNS Fatigue From Lifting Linked To Psych Issues?
12:33 - When Are You Next Competing?
12:41 - Warmup For Squats/Deads Given McGill Doesn't Recommend Mobility In All Areas?
14:41 - Title Question.

Answered 10 questions instead of sticking to 5-7. Oh well.