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California could join Hawaii and most of Arizona in nixing daylight saving time.
But why? Daylight saving stems from wanting to save energy by cutting down electricity or fuel use by pushing daylight to later in the day. But some studies have put a dent in that theory.
Comedy group Nacho Punch said, "No we spring forward, fall back. Or is it fall forward? It's too confusing."
It's been an ongoing debate in recent years as other states have also been reviewing legislation to toss out daylight saving time.
"Our use is not so predictable as the earlier adopters of daylight saving hope it would be," Tufts University's Michael Downing said.
In 1966, all U.S. states were mandated to begin and end daylight saving time on the same date. Of the countries that observe it, few implement daylight saving in the same way or at the same time.
And even if it saves a few bucks, is it worth it? One study says extra stress on your body from losing that hour of sleep could up the risk of a heart attack.
So regardless of how California's legislature votes, it won't be in time to make any changes this spring.

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