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Youtube URL Shortener (sometimes it is called "youtube short link"):

  • It is enabled by default. Only Registerd users can disable it for there shortened URLs only from account settings.
  • After disable it the shortened URLs will be redirected to the link instead of play media.)

For example: How to Shorten a Url/Link - Youtube

url shortener  url shortener will cut your links.


  • We are as google shortener making long urls shorter to help you sharing them everywhere.
  • Link Shortner make links more easy to manage,track and share.
  • You can use our api to short links directly from your apps. To use it you need first to register new account if you don't have.
  • Developer API returns response in text and json format.
  • We don't allow any spam or phishing urls to be shortened with us. Any one can report abuse url ... we will delete it.
  • Password Protection: Set a password to protect your links from unauthorized access.